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Hosting & Domain Management

We provide a secure, fast and reliable website hosting service along with domain registration and management tools to ensure your site is served to your visitors quickly. All services are hosted on our own hardware and network, so we do not rely on any 3rd party in order to provide this exceptional service. Our datacentres use 100% Green Energy contracts where we have control over the energy supply in order to be as responsible and environmentally friendly as we can with the services we provide.

Our hosting offers the most popular tools and languages in a shared environment.

For clients with more complex needs, we can also offer dedicated virtual servers that can offer full control to developers. We can tailor this to suit you, including a service to ensure all virtual server software is up to date, so you don't have to worry about the taking full responsibility of a dedicated resource and its security.

All hosting is IPv6 enabled and of course, we fully support SSL on all hosting services.

For customers that host a number of sites, either as part of multiple brands or on a reseller basis, we can also offer reseller hosting packages allowing you to manage all sites from one place.

Of course, like everything else we offer, we can give you as much freedom as you need, whilst being here to support you or manage your service on your behalf.

If you are looking for website design and development, we are happy to discuss this too and either offer a direct solution or point you in the right direction. If you are just looking for a Wordpress (or similar) site that you want to be able to manage yourself, then we can also get that set-up for you and hand over ready for you to add content. If you prefer, we can take that further and fully design and provide security updates and ongoing management - it's up to you!


E-Mail is a critical tool for everybody now. Our hosting services do come with POP3 and IMAP functionality as standard, however, most customers now need more than that. As a result, we offer Zimbra based email solutions for collaboration and in-sync email mailboxes for individuals or teams. Mailboxes are stored in the cloud but accessible in traditional mail clients, a web based mail application and of course on your smartphone and tablet. No matter where you are, you can access your email, contact and calendar data and also share it with colleagues and 3rd parties. Your privacy is important to us, so none of our services rely on you signing away your rights and we won't tailor any adverts to the content of your inbox! Your data will be stored on our own cloud that is fully owned and managed - we do not utilise 3rd party cloud services and we do not store your data with any 3rd party. It will remain in the UK facilities.

Get in touch to see how a different approach to email will help you.

Ideal for individuals, small teams and large multi-site customers.