VOIP and Traditional Telecoms

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G-Net Online offer all kinds of telecoms services and the founders have been active in SIP and VOIP technologies and solutions since 2002. It's safe to say we know what our customers need and have implemented a platform that has evolved over 15 years. We offer basic SIP trunks to get calls in to or out of your own PBX systems but more commonly we offer a fully hosted VOIP solution that aims to be as flexible as you need.

Our VOIP platform is self healing and distributed over multiple core sites to ensure we can reach and maintain our aim for 100% uptime.

Unlike a lot of VOIP providers we, as per all of our other services, control as much of the service as practical. We are not simply reselling the services of another telecoms provider. This ensures we have the ability to manage and support our customers and most importantly to us - ensure you get the service you need. Naturally, we offer 'off the shelf' solutions that fit the vast majority of clients, but we are in the fortunate position of developing, building and maintaining our own platform, based on proven OpenSource software. This ensures that we can offer bespoke solutions to our customers that other box shifting resellers simply can not.

We offer a portal with controls to self manage, but equally, we are more than happy to support customers that want to be completely hands off and have us manage everything for them.

As well as VOIP based services we can also offer physical lines, either for voice and/or data services. This allows us to be a single point of contact for any issues and in doing so, be the in control of the path to a speedy resolution.

Our VOIP platform also supports mobile integration. Either using an app or a dedicated voice SIM card, we can get calls to you wherever you are. Our platform can also simply forward calls to your current mobile when out of the office using our time of day routing, diverts or just by using call forwarding from your desk phone. We can also integrate mobile end points in our bespoke call queueing system - avoiding your customer hearing different ringtones and eliminating callers hearing mobile network based messages or voicemail. Imagine having a virtual call centre with all staff using mobiles at home - we can offer that (along with the wallboards showing the call status and full reporting too)!

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Centrex Hosted VOIP Features

Just some of the features included with our hosted VOIP solutions

  • Voicemail with personal greetings for busy and unavailable - delivered by email
  • Call Waiting
  • Ring groups
  • Call Recording
  • Announcements
  • Itemised Billing
  • 999 Access
  • 101/111/105 Access
  • Call restrictions (barring)
  • Inbound time of day routing
  • ACR (Anonymous Caller Rejection)
  • Caller ID
  • Outbound caller ID presentation (i.e. display your 0800 or 03 number)
  • Inbound Call Reports
  • Blacklist Callers (Block callers)
  • Conference Calling with up to 5 members
  • TLS (encrypted signalling)
  • SRTP (encrypted call traffic)
  • Local area dialling (no need to enter the local area code for calls in the same STD)
  • Fax to Email (pdf)
  • Free calls between users
  • Call Hold - inc music, optional bespoke hold music
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Diverts/Forwarding
  • Basic Call Reporting
  • DND - Do not Disturb

Additional Functionality

  • BLF - Busy Lamp Fields to see extension status of other users, inc ability to call pick-up another extension
  • Advanced Conference Calling - additional members, including external callers on a standard geographic number
  • Bespoke IVR menu systems and interactive applications - i.e. to link to booking systems, support ticketing or status information etc
  • Advanced Call Reporting and Stats
  • Call Centre Functionality - inc Call Barge/Whisper, Wallboard, Static and Hotdesk Agents (available with internal extensions, home workers and mobile/PSTN agents), Agent Pause, Stats, Immediate access to Call Recordings (inc pause record for PCI compliance)
  • PCI Compliant card payment integration (3rd Party)

We can port in numbers from existing lines and other VOIP providers (in most cases), so there is no need to change your number. We also have access to all UK area codes as well as non-geographic numbering to suit your requirements. If you need an international presence or want to offer callers from other countries a local number to call, we can also offer inbound numbering from various countries and areas within those countries.

We can also offer 07 UK mobile numbers to customers that want to offer a 'mobile' presence, but with the flexibility of VOIP and the advanced routing we can offer. UK mobile numbers support inbound SMS and messages can be delivered to SIM cards (where we offer a hosted SIM card as part of the service), existing mobile numbers (forwarded SMS), email and we can also integrate SMS messages into a bespoke web based system - e.g. to automatically create a ticket in your CRM. Of course, outbound SMS is possible too and the numbering presented can be set to your inbound too.